Art of Images

People talk of “art,” and most often, they are thinking of images, images as art.  But we also know that the word art points to much wider circles of human creation than just images. It is wider than drawing and painting.

But on this page, in these galleries, this is what I mean by art, my visual art.

Physical, Traditional Media
  • Late Day Sunlight on Fresh Snow

    "Late Day Sunlight on Fresh Snow"

  • Adirondack Winter, 1

    “Adirondack Winter, 1”

  • Afternoon on Olana Pond

    “Afternoon on Olana Pond”

  • Apple Trees at Kripalu

    “Apple Trees at Kripalu”

  • An Apple, A Day

    “An Apple, A Day”

  • Adirondack Winter, 2

    “Adirondack Winter, 2”

  • Adirondack Winter, 3

    “Adirondack Winter, 3”

  • Adirondack Winter, 4

    “Adirondack Winter, 4”

  • Adirondack Winter, Powdered Graphite Set

    “Adirondack Winter”, Powdered Graphite Set

  • “Borne in Bethlehem”

    “Borne in Bethlehem”

  • Calla Lily

    “Calla Lily”

  • Catskill View

    “Catskill View”

  • ChiOn Temple, Kyoto 2016

    “ChiOn Temple, Kyoto” 2016

  • Moon Set at Sunrise

    “Moon Set at Sunrise”

  • Cassandra


  • Lohan


  • Hildreth Barn

    “Hildreth Barn”

  • Niverville Hill

    “Niverville Hill”

  • Meditate on This

    “Meditate on This”

  • Wolframs-Eschenbach


  • Sutherland Pond in Fall

    “Sutherland Pond in Fall”

  • Otto at Home

    “Otto at Home“

  • "The Farm"

    "The Farm"

  • Love's Pure Light

    “Love's Pure Light‘

  • Snow Day

    “Snow Day”

  • Cathedral and construction, Albany NY

    “Cathedral and construction, Albany NY” 1967

  • Story Illustration

    “Story Illustration”

  • Green Street

    “Green Street”

  • magazine illustration,1

    magazine illustration,1

  • magazine illustration,2

    magazine illustration,2

  • Temple Orange

    “Temple Orange”

  • SunBorn


  • Swiss Independence Day at Nightfall

    “Swiss Independence Day at Nightfall”

  • The Cottage 1967

    “The Cottage” 1967

  • Apple Portrait on Rectangles

    “Apple Portrait on Rectangles”

  • Pine Cone Cluster

    Pine Cone Cluster

Digital Landscape & Still Life
  • Winter Path to River

    “Winter Path to River”

  • A Long Conversation

    “A Long Conversation”

  • Après-midi au Jardin du Luxembourg

    “Après-midi au Jardin du Luxembourg”

  • le pont Marie pendant l’inondations de 2016

    “le pont Marie pendant l’inondations de 2016‘

  • Mountains of Central Taiwan

    “Mountains of Central Taiwan”

  • Noyac View

    “Noyac View”

  • Cool Down

    “Cool Down”

  • Returning Home

    “Returning Home”

  • Gone Swimming

    “Gone Swimming“

  • Vicky’s Heaven

    “Vicky’s Heaven”

  • Waiting for the Hammock

    “Waiting for the Hammock”

  • Vicky’s Begonias

    “Vicky’s Begonias”

  • Daffodils Cut

    “Daffodils Cut”

  • Hortensia in Nuremberg

    “Hortensia in Nuremberg”

  • Mountain Laurel

    “Mountain Laurel“

  • Catskill Setting in October

    “Catskill Setting in October”

  • Catskills from Keene Farm

    “Catskills from Keene Farm”

  • Snow Flurry in Sunlight

    “Snow Flurry in Sunlight”

  • Whiteface at the start of winter

    “Whiteface at the Start of Winter”

  • “Evening Meal After Rain”

    “Evening Meal After Rain”

  • Plum Blossom Branch

    “Plum Blossom Branch”

Digital Oils, general
  • Église du Saint Esprit

    “Église du Saint Esprit‘

  • "Salvator Mundi, 2018"

    "Salvator Mundi, 2018"

  • El Niño

    “El Niño”

  • Painting “El Niño”

    Painting “El Niño”

  • World for Sale

    “World for Sale”

  • Jardin du Luxembourg et L’École des Mines de Paris

    “Jardin du Luxembourg et L’École des Mines de Paris“

  • Peace


  • l’amica di Modigliani

    “l’amica di Modigliani”

  • l’amica di Modigliani, detail

    “l’amica di Modigliani”, detail

  • Étude


  • Maggie’s Art

    “Maggie’s Art”

  • Waiting at the Window, Bartolini’s Nymph at the Louvre

    “Waiting at the Window, Bartolini’s Nymph at the Louvre”

  • Seeing the Light

    “Seeing the Light”

  • Entering the Plane

    “Entering the Plane”

  • Aisle 42

    “Aisle 42”

Digital Abstract
  • "Starchitecture"


  • Alpha Lock, 1

    “Alpha Lock, 1”

  • Alpha Lock, 2

    “Alpha Lock, 2”

  • Alpha Lock, 3

    “Alpha Lock, 3”

  • Alpha Lock, 4

    “Alpha Lock, 4”

  • Alpha Lock, 5

    “Alpha Lock, 5”

  • Alpha Lock, 6

    “Alpha Lock, 6”

  • Alpha Lock, 7

    “Alpha Lock, 7“

  • Alpha Lock, 8

    “Alpha Lock, 8”

  • Alpha Lock, 9

    “Alpha Lock, 9”

  • Alpha Lock, 10

    “Alpha Lock, 10”

  • Alpha Lock, 11

    “Alpha Lock, 11”

  • "Alpha Lock, 12"

    "Alpha Lock, 12"

  • "Alpha Lock, 13"

    "Alpha Lock, 13"

  • "Alpha Lock, 14"

    "Alpha Lock, 14"

This gallery includes (and is mostly) a series I call “Alpha Lock.” It is a method of digital painting I invented (others surely do similar things) using iPad’s Procreate app with Pencil. I like it because it not only does not simulate physical media, but it allows image effects that cannot be made in the physical media. Look for strokes that lie over and under each other in bold or subtle ways, especially where a stroke of color follows what is under it, yet changes that. The term “alpha” refers to something in digital images. It is the attributes, such as color, that determine which dots are in an image. By locking these in place, one can add to what is there while also keeping parts of it in place. Hard to describe...

Digital Portraits

Most of my digital portraits are “born a photograph, raised a painting.” I import one or more photographs (usually ones I have taken myself) into fine art painting software such as Procreate and ArtRage and then work from there. I don’t use automatic features that alter a photo to make it look like paint. Instead, I work “every inch” (even spots as tiny as refliections on the eye) and use artistic choices as I would in making any fine art image, such as oil paintings.

  • George and Lizabeth

    “George and Lizabeth”

  • Timothy


  • Donna Hildreth Moss

    “Donna Hildreth Moss”

  • David Wade Smith

    “David Wade Smith”

  • David in the Clouds

    “David in the Clouds”

  • Benediction


  • Becca 2017

    “Becca 2017”

  • Becca


  • Deborah


  • Courtney


  • Merrall and Mary

    “Merrall and Mary“

  • Eleanor December 1990

    “Eleanor December 1990“

  • Eleanor January 2014

    “Eleanor January 2014”

  • El Tigre

    “El Tigre”

  • Aaron Graduation

    “Aaron Graduation”

  • Eliane


  • Joelle on Qingdao Mountain

    “Joelle on Qingdao Mountain”

  • “Katie 2017”

  • Stephen


  • Self-portrait Aug 2015

    Self-portrait Aug 2015

  • Self-portrait Winter 2017

    Self-portrait Winter 2017

  • Raymond Ortali

    “Raymond Ortali”

  • Birgit und Jürgen Wagner

    “Birgit und Jürgen Wagner”

  • Sư Cô Đức Quang and her Grandmother

    “Sư Cô Đức Quang and her Grandmother”

  • Gerti at 30

    “Gerti at 30”

  • David


  • Beth in Evening Light, Poet’s-Walk Gate

    Beth in Evening Light, Poet’s Walk Gate

  • Verginie, a pencil sketch

    Verginie, a digital-pencil sketch

  • Emilea


Photographic Art
  • Green Tara Figure

    “Green Tara Figure”

  • Buddhas Watching over Us

    “Buddhas Watching over Us“

  • Ethel Rose

    “Ethel Rose“

  • Ganesh Carving at Lynn and Dan’s

    “Ganesh Carving at Lynn and Dan’s

  • Deborah June27'88

    Deborah June27'88

  • Golden Gate Bridge Below June 1988

    Golden Gate Bridge Below June 1988

  • Sag Harbor Frosting

    Sag Harbor Frosting

The images I put in this gallery are “born a photograph, raised a photograph.” That’s a twist on my metaphor for describing some of my digital fine art (see, for example, the digital portraits) which I call “born a photo, raised a painting,” which means they started out as photographs and got their basic “DNA” from there, but are then cultivated often for a long time being worked on every inch with digital tools as a painting. So, here are photographs that I have also worked on in varying ways to present images of superior photographic qualities, some of which might not even be in the original. Some are just fine art photographs the way I took them in the camera. But I have “a thousand” of those; so when I place one here, it qualifies to me as fine art, thus “Photographic Art.” To me, art in the western tradition is self-expression plus communication that emanates notable beauty—or more accurately that draws out the elusive and even mysterious “beauty” response in the artist and many of the viewers.

Want to draw a five-pointed star?

in the classic way, with only a compass and straight edge: Here!