I write short stories. Some. Most are short. Really short. Let’s call them ‘short shorts’ for short.

Here is a small book, copyrighted by me 2021 that takes five old Zen stories and continues them with a sequel that, I believe, brings new inspirations and insights. 

More (than) Zen Stories



I write poems. They are short, too, even shorter than my ‘short short’ stories. As you would think. As for ‘writing’ poems. I don’t know…Mostly I seem to midwife them, midwife not the words for the most part, but the essential drop, the idea, that some muse-like phenomenon has sort of dropped on the top of my head when I am not looking at the sky. I am looking at the world, yes indeed. But the the poem comes into that from the side or something. Say, isn’t it amazing how rarely a bird drops its digestive refuse on our heads? Those little beings must be watching us.

For now, see my art site, TKPhelps, for about a few of these.


For now, see my art site, TKPhelps, for a few of these.


I write a lot of philosophical ideas, trying to better understand what I see at the psychological and universal level. I will see how much of this I put here. It will be in my ‘Ideas’ page, not here. And of course, naturalmeditation.org