Security Cuisine
some leftovers

This is the new placement for an idea I used in the last decade for helping a community near my work to build and share their “recipes” for doing good practices, of any sort, in the wide field of Security, particularly Information Security.

Since websites now all need SSL, and I don’t want to pay for that for this purpose, I have given Security Cuisine a room in my house, so to speak, here on This is a new site, starting in August 2018, which will present a variety of aspects of what I share. I am starting with art, as you can see, which is carrying over from,  which I still operate.

Security Cuisine was a collaboration, and it worked for a few wonderful things, some recipes, all tested, used locally, and working. But it never took off and became an independent thing. So, since I have retired the old website, which was a collaborative “wiki” (that people never used, anyway)…here are some of the items I think worth keeping. They are worth keeping, perhaps mostly because being based in human behavior more than machines, they are not so time-senisitive as tech things are.

As of August 22, 2018: I have not yet placed any “leftovers” here, i.e., an of the old content, except the fun art recipe for making a star. Let me know if you want or need something.


“Starchitecture” by TKPhelps

It represents an art recipe (on my site right here) for making the five-pointed star using only a compass and straight edge, like the old days before computers.