This is How It Goes: an AllegAwry (Illustrated)

(c) 2022 Theodore K Phelps


An allegory. Fables, fairy tales, bedtime stories…Here is one I call an AllegAwry. Something is more than awry now. We know it. I hope this tale can sharpen us to the foxes moving through our culture, stealing our prize, the governance that protects our ability to live and love, uncrunched from tyranny.

My minister mother and father would tell us back in the 1960s that our religion was always just one generation from expiration. So true. And true of every carefully crafted cultural pattern—each religion and each governing norm.

In America as well as in other democracies, there are many who find “of the people and for the people” to be an obstacle to their own aims, their desire for riches, their greed. It is true. Of course it is! Democracy isn’t good for everyone. Just like laws against stealing get in the way of thieves. We don’t want to be under the tread of a few bad dudes. Having a place that is OK for us all. That is what I mean by ‘democracy.’ Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green can all do that.

But now the ones for whom democracy is an obstacle are stepping out, no longer meeting in secret as they have for decades—for centuries. Now, they are like the ‘Man with no name’ and ‘Miss Princess’ stealing our civil rights right in our living rooms right at high noon while telling us they are doing it! If I think something is being stolen, I tell myself I should be able to say which man, which woman, using which words and actions are taking which treasures and from whom. It is not election fraud roaming the land. It is fraud about election fraud. How easily the vote will slip away if we snooze.


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